October 29, 2016

Dear Internet Followers,

I just did a big update to the "Coming Soon" section of my website!  Please check it out to read all about my most exciting upcoming projects!  In the meantime, I thought you may enjoy this visual:  my desk today with all my upcoming projects in their own perfectly organized binders! 

I am astounded to have so many projects in pre-production right now.   2017 is looking good so please stay tuned!



October 28, 2016

Dear Internet Followers,

It has been many moons since we last connected here.

Since Macbeth @ YSD, I completed my studies and earned my M.F.A. in Costume Design at Yale School of Drama!

I took no breaks (and no prisoners) and immediately began my role as Associate Costume Designer for the completely brilliant designer Marina Draghici on Sarah Ruhl's newest play "Scenes From Court Life, or The Whipping Boy and His Prince" at Yale Repertory Theater.

Please enjoy this video trailer of the project:

Seems like we are caught up for now!  I cannot wait to tell you about my upcoming projects......but you will have to wait!



March 22, 2016

Hello Internet Followers,


I am breaking the long silence that has come between us!  Miss me?


If you do, you should check me out on instagram!  There you can see some more behind the scenes of my costume world.  My handle there is sydneygallas


In the meantime, please check out my new portfolio page about Macbeth @ YSD to see some photos from the production!  Just click here to check it out!


I promise to make a more thourough update later and share some more sketches of the costume design!


Till then!



January 25, 2016

Hello Internet Followers,


I am excited to present to you the most recent project I am cooking up here at Yale School of Drama.  Shakespeare's infamous "Scottish Play" helmed by fearless director Jessee Rasmussen!


We aim to create a world for Macbeth where Post-Apocalyptic Scottish Punk Warriors fight for the crown.


It has been exciting to return to Macbeth after creating the Wordplay Shakespeare Macbeth for iBook (which you can check out on my website portfolio).  This new design has the opportunity to take some of the core ideas in my design for the iBook version and take it much further with this daring young director.


Stay tuned to see how this project evolves!











































December 18, 2015

Last week the wonderful folks from Cleveland Musical Theatre journied to New Haven to see Peerless at Yale Rep! 


We were able to squeeze in a little design meeting about our upcoming production of AIDA after the show. 


This is how it all starts:  a whole bunch of ideas just thrown onto a table!


See here, Artistic Director Miles Sternfeld is busy at work with Resident Scenic Designer Gabriel Firestone and me - some amazing things are happening!!


I cannot wait to continue working with these guys!


To learn more about Cleveland Musical Theatre click here to visit their website!




December 16, 2015


Dear Internet Followers,


I have missed you all but have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Peerless @ Yale Rep!  We opened!  The reviews are in and audiences are loving it!


Costumes look so much better in action than in pictures!  I am delighted to share this incredible First Look video hyping Peerless just released by the Yale Repertory Theater!  See my costume designs in action as they are meant to be seen! 


Spoiler alert:  This is such a teaser!  If you haven't gotten to see the show yet, I  hope you have your tickets to see the show before it closes this weekend!  Tickets available here:


Yale Rep On Stage: Peerless--BUY TICKETS HERE!!!!



And now I proudly present, Peerless!






November 21, 2015

Hello internet followers,


So excited to share this NY TIMES ARTICLE about our fierce playwright, Jihae Park, her amazing carreer, and the great anticipation to see Peerless opening at Yale Rep December 3rd!


The main image features Jihae Park in front of my costume sketches!!!!



Get your tickets now!


Performances November 27th-December 19th.


November 10, 2015

The Dream: Finding the perfect sweaters! 


Unfortunately, sometimes designers design things that are not findable.


This is one of those instances!


Miracle of miracle, we bought some pretty fantastic sweaters from Lands End! 

Now the "Chain Gang" (an affectionate new name for the duo Clarissa Wylie Youngberg and Pat Van Horn), is embroidering the yellow onto the sweaters with a clever chain stitch!

Perhaps this is an exercise in madness, but i really think the sweaters look great! 


And I am so blessed to have such special artisans in house who are willing to play into the madness!


Thank you Clarissa Wylie Youngberg and Pat Van Horn!!!!!!  

Dreams do come true!


Get your tickets to see PEERLESS at YALE REP today!







November 7, 2015




Peerless has not only given me the opportunity to design an iconic cartoon version of high school today, but it also has given me the opportunity to design the perfect dress for that iconic high school dance!  I wanted to design a dress that any girl would kill to wear to hoopcoming.  Cinderella blue and all the tulle we can find!  I hope to design a dress that will make Betsy Johnson and Pat Field proud!



November 6, 2015


After all the meetings, dreaming, sketching, swatching, and is amazing when the show starts to come together!  Here are some photos from the first big day when all the items we ordered started to arrive in the shop!


Get your tickets to see Peerless at Yale Rep today!







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