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Music & Lyrics Paul Gordon
Book & Additional Lyrics John Caird
Choreography Martín Céspedes
Director Miles J. Sternfeld

Charlotte Brontë’s most famous female heroine - Jane Eyre - comes to life in this world premiere revision of John Caird and Paul Gordon's sweeping masterpiece. A strong-willed and resilient young woman, Jane's journey to find independence brings her face to face with love, death, and an unimaginable secret. Told through a lush score, "Jane Eyre" has garnered a tremendous fan following worldwide, earning the musical 5 Tony Award nominations.


Jane's story begins in Gateshead, where she is in the unfortunate care of her cruel Aunt Sarah and cousin, John, as per her uncle's dying wish. The miserable young orphan is finally rescued when she is sent away to attend Lowood School for Girls. After six years, Jane leaves Lowood and is shortly after hired as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Here, she meets Mr. Edward Rochester, thus beginning her passionate and heart-wrenching journey of love, loss and the struggles of morality.

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