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World Premiere

By Jiehae Park
Directed by Margot Bordelon

November 27–December 19, 2015

Yale Repertory Theatre (1120 Chapel Street)

"Sydney Gallas has designed pitch-perfect costumes."

--Brooks Appelbaum, Connecticut Critics Circle


"Those brats in “Heathers” look like dimwitted slackers compared to this duo....Sydney Gallas’ costuming captures the diverse high school scene with wit and accuracy."

--Tom Holehan, Connecticut Critics Circle


"Sydney Gallas’s exaggerated costume design pairs perfectly with the play’s theater-of-the-absurd mood."

--Amy J. Barry


About peerless

In an ordinary Midwestern high school, twin sisters M and L are competitive with everyone—except each other. When the failsafe combination of perfect academics, killer extracurriculars, and calculated self-identification fails to impress The College’s early decision admissions board, they hatch a sinister Plan B to secure their future. Jiehae Park’s peerless is a blisteringly funny new comedy about the unbreakable bond between sisters whose vaulting ambition will not be deferred at any cost.


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 Production photos by Joan Marcus.

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