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Ariadne Auf Naxos

@ Indiana University's Jacob's School of Music

Opera by Richard Strauss, conducted by Arthur Fagen with stage direction by James Marvel, set design by Mark Smith, costumes by Sydney Gallas

Imagine the Cubs and the Colts playing on the same field at the same time and participating in each other’s game!  Slightly confusing—but highly amusing, which is just what Vienna’s richest man has in mind for his party!

He’s hired a serious opera company and a troupe of comediennes—and insists that their shows take place simultaneously so his firework display can start promptly at nine! Sparks fly as the prima donna, who’s been jilted by her lover, emotes hysterically and decides to kill herself—only to have a saucy comedienne walk into her act to counsel her on the ease of finding another man!

With its gentle poke at “high art,” this is Strauss at his sophisticated best, replete with luscious melodies and vocal pyrotechnics galore.

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