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Sydney Gallas: Reviews

@ Yale Repertory Theatre
By Jiehae Park
Directed by Margot Bordelon
Set Design by Chirstopher Thompson
Costume Design by Sydney Gallas
Lighting Design by Oliver Wason
Sound Design by Sinan Zifar
Projection Design by Shawn Boyle

“Sydney Gallas has designed pitch-perfect costumes."

—Brooks Appelbaum, Connecticut Critics Circle


"Sydney Gallas's exaggerated costume design pairs perfectly with the play's theater-of-the-absurd mood."

--Amy J. Barry

"Those brats in "Heathers" look like dimwitted slackers compared to this duo....Sydney Gallas' costuming captures the diverse high school scene with wit and accuracy."

—Tom Holehan, Connecticut Critics Circle

Heads or Tails

A short film written and directed

by Eva von Schweinitz 


“What a woman, what a fountain of hands-on positive energy! Jumped on board within an hour of reading the script and turned my dreamlike fantasies of humans in animal costumes into reality, in the incredibly short time of two weeks. When I send her an image of a wound for make up, she responds: "okay i will make magic". Which sums up everything about her. Sydney was down to whatever whenever, including night time car and early morning train trips back to New Haven, lugging a mobile coat rack across any surface in any park, and outdoor peeing. Sydney, I cherish the image of you lounging in a camping chair every single day."


--Eva von Schweinitz, Director

Future Anxiety

@ The Flea

By Laurel Haines

Directed by Jim Simpson


“Sydney Gallas’s costumes are a fresh mix of futurism and apocalypse, but still have roots in our current time to give the audience instant recognition.”


Bastianello & Lucrezia



Directed by Alan Paul


Set Design by Andrew Cohen

Costume Design by Sydney Gallas

Lighting Design by Klyph Stanford

“The costumes by Sydney Gallas are distinctive, detailed, colorful, and perfectly ridiculous.”



“Costume designer Sydney Gallas deserves special mention for her clothing for Bastianello particularly, which created deftly the ambiance of early 18th-century, rural Italy.”


Leave the Balcony Open

By Maya Macdonald

Directed by Jessica Bauman


“...delightful physical realization by costume designer Sydney Gallas”


--Loren Noveck, NYTHEATRE.COM

Don Juan

@ Yale School of Drama

By Molière

Translated by Brendan Pelsue

Adapted by Andrej Visky, 

Brendan Pelsue,& Samantha lazar


Directed by andrej visky

Scenic Design: Alexander Woodward

Costume Design: Sydney Gallas                                 

Lighting Design: Andrew F. Griffin

Projection Design: Yana Birykova

Sound Design: Jing (Annie) Yin

The Tremendous Tremendous
Created by The Mad Ones
Directed by Jeff Withers
Set Design by The Mad Ones
Costume Design by Sydney Gallas
Lighting Design by Mike Inwood
Sound Design by Stowe Nelson
Music Direction by Michael Dalto

 “The costumes designed by Sydney Gallas are extraordinarily well-done and reflective of the time period, impressively even down to the undergarments.”



“They’re so loose, so utterly convincing, that you’ll feel like a time-traveling party-crashing voyeur (particularly in the intimate space)…In fact, everything about The Tremendous Tremendous feels authentic, from the type of popcorn they throw into one another’s mouths to Sydney Gallas’s brilliant costuming; from the silent projection of the World’s Fair they marvel over together to the lights studding their dressing-room mirror.”


“The costumes are one of the production’s highlights.  Sydney Gallas… makes some bold choices when it comes to Don Juan….and the costumes make their point without being ostentatious.”


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