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Peerless @ Yale Repertory Theatre: Costume Preview

Dear Internet Followers,

My blog has been quiet as I have been busy conjuring up my design for Peerless @ Yale Repertory Theatre! This project is one of the major milestones of my time at Yale School of Drama, and I want to let you in behind the scenes!

Where are we in process?

I have been designing the play since the end of August, the costume sketches have been approve, and the show is about to begin production in the incrediblely able hands of the Yale Costume Shop.

What is the show about?

In an ordinary Midwestern high school, twin sisters M and L are competitive with every one—except each other. When the failsafe combination of perfect academics, killer extracurriculars, and calculated self-identification fails to impress The College’s early-decision admissions board, they hatch a sinister Plan B to secure their future. Jiehae Park’s peerless is a blisteringly funny new comedy about the unbreakable bond between sisters whose vaulting ambition will not be deferred at any cost.

Show me the sketches!

What is next?

Please check back here to join me on my journey from sketch to stage!

November 27–December 19, 2015

Yale Repertory Theatre (1120 Chapel Street)

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